Pre-K (4) and Kindergarten

Earliest and most important educational years

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My name is Regina Martinez. I have been an educator for fifteen years. I was a public educator for five years, a high school counselor for two years, and a homeschool educator for six years. Now, for the past two years I have been teaching Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten at Fort Worth Adventist Junior Academy.

Welcome to our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classroom page!  I am thrilled that you are considering allowing us to help guide your child through their earliest and most important educational years.  At FWAJA we focus primarily on Seventh-day Adventist faith based Christian learning where it is our goal to make the invisible God visible and manifested in our your little one. 

Using the Stepping Stones curriculum, every child is individually assessed and a program individually tailored to maximize their learning and development.  It is not a one size fits all approach. I aim to help your child accomplish all their academic potential through a combination of whole groups, small groups, and individual attention.  Additionally, our school faculty strongly believe that children of this age benefit tremendously from fun, interactive and hands on learning.  Through object lessons, experiments, the use of a variety of manipulatives and project-based learning your child will be actively engaged all day.

As your child’s first introduction to a formal learning environment, I strive to ensure they feel safe and cared for.  Safety is a priority and we implement such measures as locking the front door of our school, locking our classroom door from the outside, and having a safety exit plan.  We also strongly believe in emotional safety and intentionally pray with your child as well as have guidance lessons in our curriculum.  

Through constant communication on a weekly and sometimes daily basis with parents we are able to address the accomplishments and potential challenges your child is facing.  Successful collaboration through school and home learning is vital to their success. I use Class Dojo (link on the resource page) an app that allows the parents to interact and communicate with the teacher daily, newsletters and school emails. 

I am wholeheartedly invested in nurturing your child’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being. Most importantly, I strive to lead through the love of Jesus Christ.  A child will achieve their highest standard and truly enjoy learning when they are placed in a loving Christ-centered environment like ours.

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