Fifth and Sixth Grade

It is an awesome place to be!

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    April 8, 2021

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5th and 6th grade classroom is an awesome place to be! I have been teaching 5th and 6th grade for over 7 years here at FWAJA, and strive to make our classroom feel as homey and comfortable as possible. In this class we begin the challenging, but fulfilling transition from kid work to BIG kid work! Here we learn the importance of responsibility, integrity and neighborly behavior.

We have several big trips that we have annually in addition to several field trips throughout the school year to enhance our learning including museum trips, Cowboy’s stadium, Bass Hall and many more! Annually, we look forward to Outdoor School, where 5th and 6th graders from all over the Texas gather together for a week-long camp exclusive to the Seventh-day Adventist Educational system. We spend 3 days and two nights there with our peers, making new friends and engaging in outdoor and STEAM activities including things like making actual rockets that we launch, drive golf carts, working with robotics, and many many more engaging activities.

5th and 6th grade also has a robotics course exclusively for our class once a week, and we are super excited to be apart of that, as well as weekly visits to MakerSpace, Chess Club, computer lab and participating in different sports. Our academics are engaging and tailored to your student’s individual learning needs. Each student is known and accepted for who they are by their classmates, schoolmates and all faculty and staff. Our class has a loving and welcoming environment that lets all of my students feel safe to learn to their maximum potential!

We look forward to including you as part of our school, and especially, our classroom family!

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